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There’s nothing more frustrating than reaching out to a personal injury lawyer when you’re scared about your future and feeling like you’re not getting answers to your questions.

We won’t make you wait to hear back from a professional who is ready to fight for you. We know what it’s like to feel helpless after an auto accident or sports injury and can help you get to the other side. Whether you’ve been the victim of a concussion that ended a promising sports career or injured in the backseat of a relative’s car during the holidays—Jacob Jackson & Will Hagood are ready to stand in your shoes; listen and help you.

Are you living with a traumatic brain injury from an accident or facing DUI charges? We can help you— from medical negligence, wrongful death, to dog bites; we’re ready to start the process and attend to your urgent requests.

We offer remote legal consults online or in person. Whatever is best for your situation. We want to hear from you; we know how to get the best possible outcome from stubborn insurance companies. Send us a message or call us at (678) 335-5555.